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#31094 Fusion Not Banned Anymore At Fxguide? (!)

Posted by steve eyeon on 15 November 2011 - 03:36 PM

Deep Compositing : How it works in Fusion.
In the informative interviews done by Mike Seymour on FXGuide about deep compositing, he has described examples of fog and candle lights in a row as an explanation of deep composting. These can be achieved in Fusion with the Volume Fog Tool.

The volume Fog tool is a special case render that takes 3D camera and lighting along with ‘deep images’ and renders them out from the cameras point of view.
The ‘Deep Images’ have XY and Z so that it can fit a volume of a 3D scene. The WPP is used to occlude the depth, so beauty passes can be merged into the volume image.
So in Anonymous nonlinear fog volumes of varying density can be integrated with the 3D scene. A rendered beauty pass along with its WPP(RGBA-XYZ) is put into 3D environment of the Volume tool and reacts with the fog volume. Because of the World Position Pass makes a fixed reference in terms of its XYZ coordinates, a Fog volume will stay fixed correctly to the scene. Zbuffer on the other hand is from the cameras rendered point of view, so camera based depth cue fog is not fixed to the scenes point of view.

In Fusion, you can create volumes procedurally using tools like fast noise, or particles, you can also load them via EXR. By doing things procedurally or a mixture of loading and procedurally the amount of data to disk can be dramatically reduced.
In Fusion 6.3, adding lighting models to the Volume Fog tooling, takes what can be achieved in this new deep arena to a whole new level. GPU powering this development makes the Deep Volumes interactive/realtime when rendering.
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#31116 Fusion Not Banned Anymore At Fxguide? (!)

Posted by xmare on 17 November 2011 - 05:15 AM

thank You Steve for such in-depth explanation!
one learns everyday:)
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#34891 Kak. Or Ibk For Fusion. It Sucks Less.

Posted by samsoe on 01 November 2012 - 09:44 AM

Sorry… all this writing. Why not just create a KAVT (Kick Ass Video Tutorial)…? It is much faster than all of these technical descriptions.
Looking forward :o)
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#34681 Render Manager (manual Activate?)

Posted by KellyGriffin_PortlandOR on 26 October 2012 - 02:04 PM

How do I load a render list (and/or revise that list) before rendering actually starts? Seems like "Add Comp" just loads 'n goes, and I don't want it to "go" until I'm ready (especially if I don't want an existing previous render to be overwritten!).


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#34614 Free Flipbook Software (jefecheck 1.5)

Posted by pingking on 24 October 2012 - 03:11 PM

the flipbook softwre jefecheck is now availible in version 1.5 and is no availible for free!

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#34383 Kak. Or Ibk For Fusion. It Sucks Less.

Posted by Kristof on 10 October 2012 - 05:13 AM

So you have people in here mentioning "Kak" all the time, and how they love it. Sounds like your sense of humor alright, from what I remember :) Showed it to Jan E. earlier this week and he had to chuckle too.

Looking forward to give it a try and thanks for sharing.
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#33973 Better Corner Pin - Gui Prototype

Posted by Gringo on 12 September 2012 - 05:22 AM

Wow, it's so much better than the standard CornerPositioner!
Neat and logical interface.

But indeed, what I always missed in the CnP, was the possibility to drag multiple points at once.
And this tool still doesn't replace the Krokodove Positioner as it has no separate BG / FG inputs.

The advantage of Krokodove is that you can position corners of an image with different resolution over the background in the background's coordinates without preliminary reformatting.
Would be great to implement such functionality as the BG and FG image are often different resolutions and aspects.
So, if the FG isn't connected, the tool works just like it works now. If both image inputs are used, then it composites FG over BG and the points are transformed in the BG coordinates.
Perhaps, you could even borrow the Merge multibutton control from the Tracker to provide more output options (BG only / FG only / FG over BG (default) / BG over FG).

Concerning the Source / Destination choice, you may notice, that in the GridWarp when you switch to Source, it shows the original undistorted image which makes it easier to position the source points.
Although, you can always display the image from the previous node, so it's not so important...

In the standard CornerPositioner and in the Tracker the points are listed in the following order:
1. Upper-Left
2. Upper-Right
3. Bottom-Left
4. Bottom-Right
Do you also think it would be nice to stick to this standard?
I would even use those definitions (Upper-Left, Upper-Right, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right) instead of the numbers to avoid confusion.

I hope, it doesn't sound as too much of critics, I wrote all this because I'm really looking forward to using this tool next time I need a corner positioning :)

Thank you once again!
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#33227 4-df 5x & 10-node Floating Licenses W/ Hasp $1,000usd

Posted by Xpletive on 09 July 2012 - 05:38 PM

Just spoke with Eyeon and they will transfer it all for $1,000 and upgrade to version 6x it for an additional $2,000 although the upgrade is not required.

Just to clarify, I am asking for $1,000 for 4 seats of DF 5x, 10 seats of RenderNode all on a floating license and HASP dongle. You will need to pay the transfer fee and optional upgrade costs if you elect to do that.

David Ellzey
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#23378 On Facebook?

Posted by Ray Smithers on 25 March 2010 - 11:51 PM

Join our Facebook site at Pigs Fly Forums

ALSO please "like us" on Facebook at FPRstudios.


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#5012 Warning:lee Stranahan Learning Digital Fusion Scam

Posted by gmccomiskie on 18 September 2005 - 09:54 PM

Yes that is correct!! I am the one who started this thread some 20 months ago. Lee has disappeared and nothing has been heard from him for some time now. I am utterly disgusted with the way he has treated me and the other members of the course. I personally believe it was always lees intention to rip us off!!
If anyone knows his current workplace and email I would really appreciate it. It seems we have to go to extreme measures for this asshole to even return our emails. RETURN OUR $300 LEE!!
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#40280 Inhance Digital Uses Fusion Studio For Vfx On “Grimm”

Posted by Jerry Trowbridge on 20 May 2015 - 02:00 PM

Fremont, CA - May 20, 2015 - Blackmagic Design today announced today that Hollywood’s Inhance Digital uses Fusion Studio to complete VFX work for a number of this year’s top shows, including “Jane the Virgin,” “Nashville,” and “Grimm,” one of NBC’s most popular and long running shows. 

Located in the heart of Hollywood, Inhance Digital is a leading interactive marketing agency that specializes in bringing complex science and technology to life. From full CG environments to leading green screen compositions, Inhance VFX delivers a variety of services for major studios on VFX heavy productions such as “Grimm,” and Fusion Studio is the primary compositing tool for its VFX department.

“Grimm” is a drama series inspired by the classic Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales and follows homicide detective Nick Burkhardt. Nick is descended from a long line of “Grimms,” who have the ability to see and hunt down supernatural creatures. Since its start 2011, the show has garnered legions of fans around the world and each week requires a huge amount of CG and VFX work as Nick battles humans turning into different creatures. With “Grimm,” Inhance has been providing VFX work for the past four seasons. 

Inhance VFX Supervisor Eddie Robison manages and helps create the VFX shots for “Grimm.” Eddie began using Fusion in 1996 while working on Star Trek Voyager, and has continued to use Fusion on shows such as CSI Miami. 

“Grimm is our largest client in terms of complicated CG as well as volume of work, and we do a lot of shots for Grimm where we turn the actors into creatures. To do this with Fusion, we take the 3D tracking of plates provided by production leads to 3D elements of the creatures in several layers and bring them into Fusion for compositing. Fusion handles the prelim work, such as tracking dot removals from the actors’ faces and roto of their clothing to the complicated layering and blending of CG elements to make a very convincing and photo realistic creature,” Eddie says. “We import not only the various passes rendered from 3D as imagery with alphas, but also the elements from .exr file formats that allow us to access in comp things like metadata, UV data, Z-Depth and World Position data. Having access to all of this is invaluable.” 

“With Grimm, Fusion’s node set up is perfect. Node comping just makes sense to me. With the main ‘flow’ window, you can see a start and a finish to the comp with everything very evident in between, and you can arrange the nodes and their connections any way you want so it’s really easy to make it your own,” he continued. “Timeline based software just sort of restricts you and makes you do things only one way.”

Also helping Inhance’s work on “Grimm” are Fusion Studio’s scripting features: “The scripting native to Fusion is super helpful. We have a script that we run after a comp is complete. It takes the final render, resizes it, adds a slate at the beginning that auto fills all of the fields required, preserves the metadata and adds it to the slate so that the slate carries the data as well as the image sequence. This creates a QuickTime file to the client’s specifications and moves it to a review folder to be delivered for dailies. Huge time saver that has freed up incalculable hours of artists’ time and directly translates into profits for my company.” Eddie says. 

“Honestly, I’ve been doing this a long time. I’m not really about the conquest of big shots anymore as much as I am about running my team smoothly and servicing my customers. With the industry the way it is nowadays and what they are expecting on a TV timeline and budget, everything is a huge challenge. Fusion helps us with memorable shots on a daily basis. I was nominated for an Emmy® award and Fusion was a big part of that. Over the years lots of other comping packages have come and gone but there has never been a reason to change. I know that I’m on the cutting edge of the state of the art when I’m using Fusion,” he concludes.

“Grimm” airs on Friday nights on NBC.

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#35386 Fusion In A Coma (!)

Posted by KellyGriffin_PortlandOR on 09 December 2012 - 04:10 PM

I went to use Fusion today and it launches fine, but if I try any "create new" or load any existing comps it just hangs. All was fine when I used it a couple days ago. The only thing I can think of that might have changed is that I added a USB laser mouse.

I've got v6.3, build 946, Windows7, x64

I was thinking of an uninstall/re-install, but I don't even see anything looking like "setup.exe", and don't want to open a can of worms without knowing what I'm doing.

Any ideas?


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#35273 3d Lighting Questions

Posted by HDSLR GUY on 30 November 2012 - 01:20 PM

Hi guys. Ive just been sent some nightmare greenscreen footageof a young woman singing. It was shot on Canon 5d out putting H.624 compression,I will use all the tricks I know to pull a key however she is singing facing straight to camera and the lighting is not very good, she has not been back lit in any fashion so she is looking very flat on the screen and so I am finding it quite difficult to make it even half convincing. Are there any tricks I can use to pull her out of the bg a bit more? To cheat some kind of back lighting ? Any suggestions guys?

uploading a still so that you can feel my pain
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#35071 User Controls

Posted by Gringo on 09 November 2012 - 09:54 AM

Please, see a new reference for user controls:

It's aimed not only to developers, but also to the compositors who want to optimize their work, so description is made in simple language and supplied with example images.

You can copy particular attributes or entire control descriptions directly from the code examples and insert into your tool description in a text editor.
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#34821 Copying Tracker And Edit Points

Posted by authentic on 31 October 2012 - 05:03 AM


I saw a little issue. I have make a copy of a tracker node and I want to edit this one. What I see is that the points on the path are neither visible or editable (I want to delete some and make the path smoother).
Did the copy enable an option ? Does someone no how I can make this points visible ?


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#33223 Fusion 6.4 Is Ready For Download

Posted by Jeff Krebs on 09 July 2012 - 02:53 PM

More relentless development with Fusion 6.4

The download link:

The press release:

Those with up-to-date subscriptions can enjoy the goodness of 6.4

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#29699 The Speed Of Fusion

Posted by marcus_db on 19 August 2011 - 10:34 AM

Posted Image

Posted Image

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#2919 Warning:lee Stranahan Learning Digital Fusion Scam

Posted by SalaTar on 31 August 2004 - 06:47 AM

If thats the case his host may be interested that hes running a scam.

TechPhone: 1-858-560-9416
TechEmail: ops@tierra.net

Complaints go a long way. More than likly they just wont want to bother with it and possible FBI "looksee" and turn him off for a violation of AUP.

Sorry that you seemed to have been taken for a ride but next time if you send mail to a hotmail account....dont expect it "to be all that"
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#2906 Warning:lee Stranahan Learning Digital Fusion Scam

Posted by gmccomiskie on 30 August 2004 - 06:00 PM


LEE STRANAHAN learning Digital Fusion SCAM!

If you are interested in Learning Digital Fusion DO NOT repeat DO NOT pay LEE STRANAHAN any money. This man is scam artist. The website that explains the course is slick and looks reputable but don’t be fooled. Dozens of people including myself have been sucked into his Learning Digital Fusion SCAM at the below site:


So if you see the following email addresses asking for payment via paypal or any other means DON’T


Lee was very quick to take our money but hardly ever responds to any correspondence once he has your funds. Over a period of 8 months he managed to tell us a variety of personnel excuses (all of which have ended up being lies). But when pressed for any idea as to when he will start the course, he mysteriously disappears and refuses to respond to any of the people, who like me, paid him in full upfront for the course (U$300). I personally lost another U$200 (total U$500) for items which lee was suppose to be have bought for me locally and posted. He has not. I would hate for anyone out there to go through what the current course members have been through with this guy. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!
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#28538 Fusion Not Banned Anymore At Fxguide? (!)

Posted by Pilalitos on 04 May 2011 - 08:50 PM

I love FXGuide and i like Mike Seymour but we all know that Fusion doesn't exist in the fxguide universe.

You can imagine my surprise then when i read this: "Luckily we met Volker in person and will be doing some in-depth coverage of the work closer to the release of the film at fxguide''

They are referring of-course to the film "Anonymous" and the work of Uncharted Territory with Fusion. Now, this might be just the exception to the rule or might be the beginning to a new exciting time when Fusion actually gets the exposure it deserves (and needs).

What do you guys think? Is Fusion becoming hard to ignore or was this just an accident? :lol:
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