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Little Tweaks For Realtime Graphics

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 10:30 AM


I like to grade/test/stylize textures and make ingame effects (rendered to spritesheets via excellent Quilt plugin) in a game environment mockup I build/import in Fusion. However some stuff that would be highly useful for game assets is missing, namely support for:
- vertex colors and vertex alpha (for transparency and texture blending)
- multiple uv-channels per mesh (current, disgusting workaround for lightmap grading is to export several meshes, one per uv-set, and composite renders)
- some way to build "shaders" (so I could vary textures by their world coordinates and mix textures by vertex colors of the mesh - maybe this could be done as a custom tool?)
- also Fusion seems to recalculate vertex normals of imported objects?

I think custom tool shader would be useful for vfx work too, and it's not that hard to invent uses for multiple uv-textures or vertex colors for motion graphics work.
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Posted 13 November 2012 - 11:14 AM

I'm with you there. We use multiple UV channels for our realtime graphics work too, and while you CAN access multiple UV's in a shader in Fusion, you can't import the channels with an FBX Loader. Also, many tools will throw them out anyway if you make a custom mesh loader.

Vertex Colors and Vertex Alpha work now, though. That's how particles shade. The issue is the FBX Loader, right?

GenericShader3D will let you make fragment shaders, but not vertex shaders. There's nowhere in the Fusion pipeline for vertex shaders since they'd all have to process before any fragment shaders run unless you were managing passes (which ironically, Fusion doesn't let you do).

Vertex normals on import are recalculated, yes, but that's because you need 1 normal vert per 1 geometry vert. It's how the data format works. So you have to export your mesh the same way.

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