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#1 Gringo


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Posted 03 February 2012 - 08:54 AM

This script renames all the (selected) nodes in a composition according to their main parameters, so you can quickly get the idea what operations are performed by Merges, and ChannelBooleans, what channels are used in Bitmap masks and how they are applied, what is the radius of a Blur tool and resolution of a Background etc. just looking at the node names in the flow.

This is a major update of a script originally developed by Christoffer Hulusjo and improved by Chad Capeland (original forum thread).

Thanks to scripting skills of Sergey Ilyinov, the new version supports much more tool types.


Here is the list of supported tools and what their new names are composed from:

  • Background - resolution and fill type (Solid/Vertical/Horizontal/4Corner/Gradient), e.g. BGR_2048x1556_Gradient
  • FastNoise - resolution, type and inversion, e.g. FNoise_2048x1556_DisInv
  • BitmapMask - source channel, inversion, paint mode, e.g. BMP_LuminanceInv_Multiply, BMP_Alpha_Merge
  • Polygon - inversion and paint mode, e.g. PLY_Inv_Minimum, PLY_Maximum
  • ChannelBoolean - operation, just like in the original version, e.g. BOL_Copy
  • ColorSpace - color space to convert from/to, e.g. CSp_HLS (the direction of the conversion will be added in the next version, e.g. CSp_FromHLS)
  • Gamut - source and output space, e.g. GMT_Rec709_Lin, GMT_Lin_sRGB
  • Crop - resolution, e.g. CRP_1330x944_
  • Resize - resolution, e.g. RSZ_720x576_ (filter method will be supported in new version)
Other Types
  • Blur - X and Y blur size, e.g. BLR_xy7_, BLR_x7y22_
  • ChangeDepth - target color depth, e.g. ChD_16int
  • Filter - filter type, e.g. FLT_Sobel
  • Glow - to do, similar to Blur.
  • MatteControl - channel to combine and operation, like in version from Chad, e.g. MAT_Red_Copy
  • Merge - apply mode, just like in the original version, e.g. MRG_Multiply (operators of the Normal more will be supported later, e.g. MRG_Normal_Atop)
  • Saver - output format, e.g. SVR_mov (QT codecs and bit depth for DPX and TIFF will be added later)
  • Shape3D - geometry type and input material, e.g. SH3D_Plane_DiffuseMat, SH3D_Sphere_Phong1
  • TimeSpeed - speed parameter, e.g. Speed_1x_ (delay value will be added later, e.g. Speed_1x_48Later)
  • WirelessLink = W_Loader1
This advanced version of the script is slower, so it's recommended to run it not automatically upon opening and saving compositions, but rather to add a button to the Toolbar and run it from time to time. The speed is also the reason why the amount of supported tool types is limited to the most important ones.

You can also configure the script switching off any tool types support by editing the list in the beginning of the script text. Just change 1 to 0 opposite to the tool types to make the script work faster or avoid renaming of certain types for any other reason.

#2 Tilt


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Posted 03 February 2012 - 07:16 PM

This sounds cool! (hm... and it sounds like we are missing a Nuke-ish label attribute for every node ;-) )
Does it change all names or just those that are still at its default? (haven't had time to test the script yet)

#3 robocop


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Posted 04 February 2012 - 04:25 AM

Yes, only those that still default, as original version of script.

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